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wThursday, August 22, 2002

Free Email and Browser - Linux and Windows versions of ChazBrowza now available

ChazBrowza Downloads now Available:

Windows - ChazBrowzaWin32605.exe is v0.01 - no skins included, English only

Download: 3602180 Aug 21 08:08 ChazBrowzaWin32605.exe

Windows - ChazBrowzaWin_v0.02_en_32671.exe - actually includes about 3 mb of skins, and support for English, German, French, and TagologAs You can see, it's a little over 6mb.

Download: 6225473 Aug 21 10:52 ChazBrowzaWin_v0.02_en_32671.exe

Skins - is all of them. is some of them. ChazImg2 is the rest.

Download: 1005061 Aug 21 09:34

Download: 1328527 Aug 21 09:43

Download: 2695888 Aug 21 09:23

Linux - here is every version I could build at the moment. All are ChazBrowza v0.01 - no skins, English, German, and Chinese Language Support.

There's a static, vanilla version that should run on most distros, a couple in Debian packaging, a couple of zips, some rpm's and some bz2 archives. Be sure to carefully examine the QT part of the filename, as it should match up with the library versions in Your distribution/installation.

Email if You have any problems or suggestions,

and we'll get back to You as soon as we can.

Download: 3419643 Aug 21 11:28 opera-6.02-1-qt-2.3.0-shared32615.i386.rpm

Download: 3334414 Aug 21 12:42 opera-6.02-2-qt-2.2.4-shared32612.i386.rpm

Download: 3315503 Aug 21 12:21 opera-6.02-qt-2.2.4-shared32614.i386.tar.gz

Download: 3101339 Aug 21 11:09 opera-6.02-qt-2.2.4-shared32616.i386.tar.bz2

Download: 2366584 Aug 21 13:20 opera-6.02-qt-2.2.4-static32609.i386.tar.bz2

Download: 5188610 Aug 21 14:59 opera-6.02-qt-2.2.4-static32610.i386.tar.gz

Download: 5169586 Aug 21 14:28 opera-static_6.02-1-20010805-32607_i386.deb

Download: 3304126 Aug 21 13:58 opera_6.02-2-20010805-32611_i386.deb

Note that once installed, the ChazBrowza uses the Opera default skins. Just say "Alt-P" or Choose (menu) File | Preferences.
Once in Preferences, choose "Browser Look" on the left, then select (in the center) "Foreground Skin" - and You'll see all the cool custom skins I made. Use'em. It really spruces up my time on the web, I hope it will Yours, too.

My Time on this Box is Up, Now.

Gotta get off and let Delene (my housemate) check her email now...The Stones still haven't paid her. Mike "Mick" Decaro called her down there to Stamford the other day (I can't believe she actually went.) to help with some clerical/secretarial stuff,and (he said) to get paid some money for her efforts since March.

Guess what? He was going to pay her with the money he got from WAAF for procuring an interview with Keith Richards after the soundcheck before the Opening show at Fleet Center in Boston. But (this time the excuse was) when she got there, he had (get this)_ "lost my wallet." Suuurrre "Mick." And what about the website Delene designed and put up as a mock up for the commercial site You wanted? Where's the cash for Hosting? Where's the cash You promised to pay the contractor, My Friend Delene?

Whadda putz.

Anyway, enjoy the ChazBrowza.

posted by gathering moss at 6:50 PM

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