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wSunday, August 11, 2002

Stones Tour Fraud 12 - My Say prelude; "I don't care either way." -"Mick" Decaro

"Unless You are a contractor for the Rolling Stones..."
Links and Late Night Calls

For those who didn't visit the site linked from the words "Unless You are a contractor for the Rolling Stones," at the bottom of False Hopes and Bad PIN Numbers, here is what You would have found there (from google groups, a usenet posting to alt.rock-n-roll.stones he made on December 14, 1999, responding to someone's report of a stone's memorabilia trader who allegedly ripped people off. I have redacted the trader's name, as I don't want to get sued, but You can view it in the discussion Yourself if You go to google. Usenet postings are Public utterances.):

---begin google archive usenet posting ----
From: (MickDec1)
Subject: Re: BAD TRADER: (((REDACTED)))
Date: 1999/12/14
Message-ID: <>#1/1
References: <82268v$6n9$>
Organization: AOL
Newsgroups: alt.rock-n-roll.stones

I have worked for the band for over 20+ years and have one of the largest and
widest variety of collections in the world and never did anyone wrong your
reputation is something actually the only thing you can take to your grave and
be proud of hang the sonofabitch taking hard working peoples money that they
think are going to get a certain item cause they enjoy the stones and there
music and it makes them happy and some little shithead comes along and rips
people off! I swear I see when he is home Keith 1-2 times a week sometimes and
he does not care about bootlegs but I swear give me this guys address and he
will meet Keith in the worst way and his dreams will be crushed when his mentor
calls him a fucking slug and say's YOU ARE A A HOLE that will stay with him
forever and then see if it was worth whatever amount of $$ he stole from people
right!! Mike DeCaro

----end google archive usenet posting -----

The "Unless..." link takes you to

Google's html version of this posting is at if You prefer.

Another late night call

Mike called again last night/this morning around 12:07am.

First he bitched at her at the unfairness of it all. Then moved on to explain how this tour's ticket sales (somebody named) Cole or Koll put up a site that sold for a $90 fee, tickets to the tour shows...and how they were nosebleed seats (he actually sang the alphabet song to her over the phone and stopped at "Q". ! ) that everybody is complaining about in Sticky Fingers Journal, and how the Stones are "slowly" trying to undo it. How somebody named Michael Koll was selling tickets on the web for what sounded like a $90 surcharge (to hear him tell it). But that the stuff he, Mike Decaro, was peddling was the real deal. That he wasn't the type to deceive People and rip them off or jerk them around, and that the Stones were "slowly fixing it" (the nosebleed seat sales from this guy).

I just gotta say: What the hell does "slowly fixing it" mean? If I get lousy service in a grocery store or department store, does that mean I'm being "slowly" satisfied? Or do I get "slowly" pissed and then "slowly" complain?


The Stones are slowly fixing things alright. When a contractor "slowly" gets paid - like this? like Delene Garafano? - they "slowly" starve, and very quickly go broke, supporting Keith Richard's pet, Mike Decaro. This kind of slow pay is actually a eupemism for no pay.

"I don't care either way."

Then "Mick" moved on to discuss Delene's failure to work for free. (Remember, the original deal he struck with her, on behalf of The Rolling Stones organisation, was for her time, and not any particular deliverables other than her time.)

Decaro allowed as to how Delene had kept bringing up the issue of money, and speculated on whether or not she ever would be like it was his decision to make. He stated flatly: "I'm not going to care either way. It's like Your a secretary who takes the job and then wants to get paid for only typing 10 words a minute."

He went on to say he couldn't understand why she keeps asking to be paid when (he contends) she hasn't done anything. Delene said nothing for a while while he ranted on, restating his point repeatedly as is his custom, bludgeoning her with vituperation. At one point she got really pissed and in reponse to Decaro's "Why should You want to get paid? ", she blurted "Because I'm running out of money!"

Mike Decaro has not a single idea of what things cost for People who live honestly and work, rather than trading in favors, in my opinion. Delene has probably spent 3 or 4 thousand dollars on gas and cigarettes and mileage and car insurance and wear and tear on her car since March, catering to the madly careening personality and appetites for mental abuse practiced by Mike "mick" Decaro. Not to mention meals she has bought him. Not to mention wear and tear on her nerves.

Not to mention a lot of things.

They finally finished their conversation around 1:57 am. Mike spent the last half hour giving Delene unsolicited advice on how to kick me out of her house. Her comment to me afterward? "Who said I wanted to?"

The bulk of the rest of the conversation was Mike remonstrating with her on how the newsletter isn't getting done, but when she asked for a copy, he didn't have any, couldn't access a copy, and refused to provide her with the material necessary to do it.

His pattern is to make excuses such that the bottom line is: HE is left in sole control of the information and will not share it...then he bitches at her interminably about her "not doing her job." This is his method of control. It's a control-freak thing, combined with other con techniques.


posted by gathering moss at 6:25 AM

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