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As the Rolling Stones began their tour while welching on the more than quarter of a million dollar deal they made with my Friend, I started this e-Blogazine journal to document some of my experience of the fallout, and to create a forum for discussion and resources to reform the Music Industry. May Artists, Musicians, and Free People everywhere find it useful.

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wWednesday, August 07, 2002

Stones Tour Fraud 8 - My Say prelude; Manual Spell Checking for Idiots with MS-Word

Manual Spell Checking for Idiots with MS-Word

Btw, before I forget, the day after Trooper Trott's visit Delene went down to Mick's to work on the contest questions...WAAF is running a contest to award some lucky fan a concert nite with the stones themselves. She slept on the Decaro's couch overnite, spell-checked his questions (idiot-stick Mick claims his MS-Word installation won't let it send him if the spelling isn't right...maybe (probably) he's got the settings fu-barred, but, duh...he don't know how to use the built-in spell-checker? No...just that his consciousness generally is so soaked with alcohol and methadone that he doesn't have the focus do so, that's my speculation), and played taxi to him half the day.

She took him to the bank to cash a sizeable check. He did not offer to pay her anything. He did not offer to pay for her gas to go down there, or back. He did not offer to pay for any mileage. He did not pay her one red cent.

Oh, he did buy her a pack of cigarettes.

Yes, he did buy her a sandwich at McDonalds.

Big spender.

How many packs of cigarettes has Delene purchased with her money from her disability check for Mike Decaro? Many.

How many meals at McDonalds had Delene bought for Mick since April? Quite a few.

So, in addition to the accumulated back pay at $2500 per week, plus 1 and 1/2 percent interest on balances due past 30 days going back to April 1 2002, the Rolling Stones owe my Friend and housemate Delene for some packs of cigarettes that went into Mike Decaro's lungs.

And quite a few chicken sandwiches eaten by Mike Decaro, as well.

So far, I must say, I am singularly unimpressed with the Rolling Stones fiduciary responsibility.

So far, I must say, I am singularly unimpressed with the company Keith Richards keeps.

Hey, Keith. If You are going to have a pet, why not keep him on a leash? He's been pissing all over my Friend Delene.

As for financial responsibility, Mick Jagger is reputed to be a good businessman. Is this how You made Your money, Sir Jagger? By screwing Your contractors?

Time will tell. Gonna be a helluva tour, I'm sure.

posted by gathering moss at 5:53 AM

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