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wWednesday, August 07, 2002

Stones Tour Fraud 9 - My Say prelude; "He won't call here today."

"He won't call here today."

When Delene was down there working on the WAAF contest questions, she offerred to go into NY to Raindrop's offices and Jane Rose's office where the contract is supposedly awaiting her inspection and signature. Again Mike Decaro put her off for the umpteenth time. As I said before, every time Delene asks to be paid for her time, there is always some excuse.

Welcome to the world of the Music Bidness, Delene. Mike Decaro's are legion here.

When Delene returned home after enduring I95 North Construction gridlock in her non-air-conditioned car from Stamford to Guilford, it was around 5:45pm (she left around 1 or 1:30 she said). She went to the computer, got online and began to plough through her email. I asked if little Mary Sunshine was gonna be calling and calling and calling and calling again tonite.

"He won't call here today." she flatly stated. "He won't call unless he has some money for me."

At about 11:10pm the phone rang.

For the first 40 seconds, Delene explained we had been having problems with the internet line, so what is normally the voice line has been busy being used for the internet. The 2nd line, normally used for the internet, is ok to use with the phone, just not the computer, so People have been calling that number instead.

Mick has both numbers.

For the next 10 minutes Delene reiterated the first 40 seconds of the call, when she could get a word in edgwise.

For the next 20 minutes after that, Delene explained (I counted four times) that she was tired and going to bed. (She was, and she did).

I later asked her: I had heard the first 10 minutes of the repeated 40 second explanation of the phone deal, which any 4 year old could grasp the first time.

And I had heard the last 20 minutes of the phone conversation in which she emphasised that she was retiring for the evening. But I had not heard her address any content for the conversation. Was there any reason he called, any burning, pressing issue that made him call her after 11 o'clock at night, something that just had to be discussed NOW, something that could not wait?

"Was there any content to his call, at all?"

"No, he just had some minutes left on his cell phone he wanted to 'burn'," she answered.


How kind.

How considerate.

What a real Prince of a guy.

I'll bet the Rolling Stones are proud to have such a go-getter, such a People Person, on their staff. (the "Rolling" link above will take You to the "Official" fan club deal where you can buy tickets. I linked the word "Rolling" because the Stones seem to be rolling all over my Friend. Click it. Buy a ticket. See the show. Have fun. But do me a favor. When You go, maybe get a little chant going: "Pay Delene. Pay Delene. Don't be mean. Pay Delene." She deserves it. She's put up with this shit since april, and quite frankly, 2500 bucks a week ain't enough to babysit the likes of "Mick" Decaro. Not in my opinion.

Also btw, the stonestour site commissioned by Decaro isn't real fancy at the moment, one might notice (It's a mockup at a free hosting place...the commercial version would have to be hosted with it's own registered domain, etc.) If You were not being paid to do it, just how fancy would You make it? Who works for free?

I guess You get what You pay for. Or not. Raindrop. (or should I say, Musidor?)

posted by gathering moss at 6:15 AM

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