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wTuesday, September 10, 2002

From "Napster was Here" to "Work in Progress?" Rev.2

What's going on at Napster?

I don't have a clue. The other day, a posting at GrepLaw noted that a Judge had blocked the sale of Napster and assets to Bertelsman. When I saw that, I wandered over to, only to be greeted with the somber single, linkless page that proclaimed "Napster was here." Now all that has changed. Today's visit revealed the above graphic (altered here to repeat). I wonder what's up with that?

Interestingly, the single comment at GrepLaw points to a somewhat broadly worded yet novel dynamic real-time search engine patent by Fanning and others, said patent being assigned to - Napster Inc. did a summary of the past week's events in "Napster R.I.P." (new window) Also over at, a search for "napster" turned up this (partial) harvest of links:

ISPs gird for copyright fights

Another file-swapping site to fall silent

Internet's no Garden of Eden

Is this the way to fight copyright infringement?

Napster buyout blocked; fire sale likely

Recording industry site hit again

Bertelsmann shedding online units

Napster fate on hold over weekend

The week in review: Copyright fights

Meditations on baseball and file swapping

Napster's bankruptcy road nears end

See all matching results (news)

Bertelsmann's chief picks up music baton

Napster Goes Unmourned to the Grave

See all matching results (business)

Morpheus sets itself apart from Napster

What's next for Napster

First look at legal Napster alternative

See all matching results (Video)

Sorry these links looked messy all day...for some reason Blogger's publishing software suddenly stopped offering any "Publish" or "Post" or "Post & Publish" buttons in the edit area this morning when I was working on getting this story up. - 090902 0240hrs -gm

AHA! I just discovered why I have been unable to publish or edit this post using the BloggerPro Publishing software! There is something about these coded URLs that the interface just *does not like*. Once published, You are unable to "edit", and the Blog entry is copied into the Blogger editing frame, but the Blogger Publishing interface (I'm currently using BloggerPro, but the same problem occurs in the previous version, and in the test version) fails to repaint the editing controls, i.e.

"Options | Upload File... | (anchor) B(old) I(talics) | (spellcheck) | Post | Post & Publish

So...guess I'll avoid using those coded URLs anymore. Still...wish I could delete this crapped up one, though. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm re-posting this semi-cleaned up version of the story because it's easier to read.D'oh!

posted by gathering moss at 7:06 AM

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