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wSunday, September 08, 2002

Madster Reports Consumers, Artists Now Distrust Big Media

Madster runs a Killer Blog

The other day I was browsing around Greplaw, and spotted an interesting item entitled "Judge Rules Against Aimster". It says "a Northern Illinois District Court judge has granted a preliminary injunction in favor of the RIAA against Aimster (now known as Madster)," and points to a story described in InfoWorld. The Greplaw item continued, "the judge thinks that Aimster/Madster is 'a service whose very raison d'Ítre appears to be the facilitation of and contribution to copyright infringement on a massive scale.' "

While this is in itself worthy of pursuit, I discovered something else, just below that in Greplaw's writeup. Turns out Madster is a real Person. So I visited her site.

Wow. Nice place. And a delightful Young Lady with a head for cyberLaw - and $ (Madster is a subscription service, with an override deal for referrals).

Master the MusicPundit has reported that Artists and Consumers both distrust the big media cartels often represented by the RIAA/MPAA and their band of corporate thugs.

Good Legal/Music cyberLaw Journalism. Check it out.

(text link takes You there in this window. Image Link above opens new browser.)

posted by gathering moss at 8:23 AM

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