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wMonday, August 19, 2002

Oscillation - vs

Where are we this publication cycle?

I don't know. Used to be, before I upgraded, I could publish reliably to

One Place
, and that place was aich-tee-tee-pee-colon-slash-slash-stoned-dash-out-dot-blogspot-dot-com. (

Then when I upgraded, the bloggerPro software suddenly began insisting that someone else was there. So I picked / chose to publish to aich-tee-tee-pee-colon-slash-slash-stoned-dash-out-dash-loud-dot-blogspot-dot-com. (

Reluctantly, the BloggerPro software let me do this, but only if I used the interface to eff-tee-pee (FTP) it there and fail because I didn't know the right etiquette, i.e. probably some combo of path and servername and blogid and username that I never could get right.

Then, after it would fail, it would revert back to publishing me where I wanted to in the first place - even though somebody else had that Blog!!!


So I would then try to reset to publish where I just had -, whereupon it thereupon informed the that somebody else had that spot!!!

Yeah. It was me. 2 minutes before.

Bah! Computers. Networks. Software. Buncha upstart collection of electrons and sand.

Be sure and look for Stoned Out Loud at . It'll probably usually always be there.

ah. here's a good one. Internet Explorer just delivered to me while cheerfully acknowledging in the title bar "Cannot find server". And Look! Lot's and Lots of archives, not belonging to me!

posted by gathering moss at 11:46 PM


Stoned Out Loud Updates Look, Useability

No doubt You may notice a few changes to Stoned Out Loud. If this is Your first time here (and that's more likely than not, the way we've been growing :-) ), here's a quick synopsis of the changes made over the weekend.

- Now I have a template for articles.The first article published using this template is J.P.Barlow's "Slouching Towards Hollywood." It is now linked to it in several places:

..........From the eBlogazine post itself, where it originally appeared;

..........From the "Articles of Note" box;

..........From the URL just beneath the Title;:

..........And, of course, the Blogger software creates a link out of the time the item was posted, at the bottom of the entry.

- A Title field has been added to the entries here. It won't necessarily be above all of them, but now it is available to use, if we want to.

- A URL field is available for use by RSS feeds, in case someone wants to grab Stoned Out Loud articles for a newsfeed on their site. If You want'em, You got'em. We have been developing our e-Blogazine format here on the blogspot site, so site changes, and often new articles, get published here first.

On this site, the RSS file, generated each time Stoned Out Loud is published, can be found in If You want the bleeding edge, that's where to fetch it.

The RSS file will be in the same relative location on the other sites, too. For Tripod, it will be


- and for our commercially Hosted site at, the RSS file is at


Sometimes (depending I suppose on where You are), the "www" is optional.

- Several news feeds from have been added, as buttons in the left column. They pop-up windows with a newsfeed that refreshes itself about every 3 or 4 minutes with the latest news on the web in that category. Categories now on Stoned Out Loud include Music News, Freedom of Information, and Media Ownership. I have more, just have not had time yet to incorporate them. Also, I've made some custom buttons for them, also, same story, no time to install them em yet. I'll get to it.

- A custom site search has been added. It will search either this site and affiliated sites I have told it about, or the web. I was pretty impressed with it when I tried it. I hope it will help You find what You are seeking here. It needs to be told every few days to re-spider and re-index Stoned Out Loud as it grows, but I think I can set it up so it does it automatically. I'll look into it.

- Stoned Out Loud publishing has been upgraded to BloggerPro.This offers more functionality, and is overall a great improvement and of great utility-- but it has had a few kinks. If You see archives that belong to some swamp Yankee blues guitarist, that's a side effect of this upgrade. They should go away the next time I regenerate and republish the archives, a few minutes from now. But the upgrade did throw my publishing schedule back a few days. Even so, now we're pretty much back on track.

- There will be new content within 24 hours, according to my plans at the moment. I would like to add something new (in terms of content) every day, and I don't want the place to get too busy and distracting with counters and bells and whistles. But still I have a lot of resources I haven't added yet...more newsfeeds, search engines. I guess I'll have to branch out to a few other special purpose pages. Tell me what You think. comment on this post, at the bottom. (thanks)!

One thin Stoned Out Loud is, is a resource and forum for Artists to talk about how to fix the deflicted Music Industry (and the Law) so it doesn't continue to screw People out of a Living (like Mike Decaro and the Rolling Stones have done/are doing with my Friend Delene). It should be a place where You can come to kick back, catch up on the news, and participate in this ongoing embryonic thing as we figure out how we are going to preserve our First Amendment Freedoms while managing to respect Intellectual Property Rights. That's one of the reason's for Stoned Out Loud.

- Other updates this weekend:

- The Rolling Stones Tour newsfeed has been on and off with the edits to the site I have been making. I think it's fixed now. If it's broken, check the JPB article in the articles section...That one I know is working.

-the commenting system was offline temporarily this morning. It's back now (last I checked).

You might have noticed an "image hosted by tripod" image instead of Enetation's or Stoned Out Loud's logos. That was because I stupidly (I knew better, but was careless with my code editing) made references to images stored on the tripod version of SOL and Tripod has their webservers set so the swap their image for any image requested by a domain outside of their realm. If it isn't being served to a Tripod-hosted page, it won't be served. (Tripod, like Yahoo, doesn't like to serve images to web pages outside their corporate web of affiliation. Hardly in keeping with the tradition of the creation of the internet and hypertext/html , but whaddaygonnado? Capitalism/BottomLineIsm. ah, well...). So anyway...: All references to images served by tripod have been eliminated (I think :-| ) .

Well that about wraps it up. It's been a busy weekend for me. Oh, before I forget: the blogspot address for Stoned Out Loud has changed, as a side effect of the upgrade process. It was, but now, it is (more consistently) .

Tell Your Friends!

Come back again and again. (I checked the stats today, and You have been!) Or, if You are just mulling over an idea for one, email me with a suggestion and I'll help You develop it. Like I've said before, there needs to be other voices than my own here, rants other than my own, too. As well as <@ (a bit of line noise...Claude Shannon and Benoit Mandlebrot would have liked fact Mandlebrot showed that it was present in no matter how small an interval one chose!) ahem As well as a few well-chosen voices of is the creative tension that drives debate forward, sometimes, although in the current war the RIAA/MPAA is waging against the First Amendment, I have serious doubts any of that tribe will be convinced...Too often greed trumps rational disputation.

I hope You enjoy the changes, and look forward to any site suggestions You might care to offer. Thanks in Advance.

........Dave Manchester
........Stoned Out Loud

"when innovation is outlawed, only outlaws will innovate. then will
arise the day of secret sharing, and invention and community will be
furtive and not talked about openly. That would be tragic." --dcm

posted by gathering moss at 9:43 PM

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