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wFriday, August 09, 2002

Stones Tour Fraud 10 - My Say prelude; "I've never paid for nothin' in my life..."

"I never paid for nothin' in my life and that'll be on my gravestone"
- Mike "Mick" Decaro

Late Wednesday night Delene got another call from "Mick".

He was unusually lucid and calm. He began casually, as though there had never been any tension between them, as old friends might talk. First, he told her about his trip to the City.

I found out about this quite by accident...Delene was working on the computer and listening to the Stones Flashpoint - a live 89-90 Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle World Tour cd now out of print, that she was lucky enough to find at Tumbleweedsin Niantic (a great place for used CD's, Deadhead gear, clothing and apparel).

She had asked me to watch TV in the other room if I had to. So there I was sitting on the bed with the commercials on mute when the phone rang. Almost at the end of the commercial stopset I decided to have a cigarette, on the bedside table next to the other phone. I grabbed a smoke, lit it, and tossed the lighter back on the table. It hit the speaker button, and it happened to begin emitting Mike's voice in an uncustomarily calm tone. Intrigued, I listened...(I know...but just couldn't help being curious.)

Mike was telling Delene about how he and this guy from the radio station had gone down to "the most exclusive Strip Club" in New York. The guy he was with looked "92 percent like Mick Jagger", he said.

Wow. 92 percent.

Sorta made me wonder what the other 8% looked like.

"Mick" went on to describe the dive in the most lurid detail he could muster. He noted that when they arrived he was worried he didn't have enough money to pay to get in, but his companion said "Hey, Mike, don't sweat it. I got You covered." After a few remarks about how exclusive this club was, and how his 92% friend had paid his way - insisting on VIP section and treatment all the way through the night (I guess that's what WAAF sent him there for...and I know "Mick" knew it, was milking it...I gagged, and, TV still muted, reached over and gently hit the mute button on the phone so the speaker wouldn't carry the sound of me coughing).

posted by gathering moss at 9:28 AM

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