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wSaturday, August 24, 2002

Yahoo "gets Stoned" Out Loud from Harvard Law, a Berkman Center for Society and Internet production of Harvard Law School (whose motto is "Geeks. Laws. Everything In Between."), gave a positive review of John Perry Barlow's article "Slouching Towards Hollywood" ( -archive -article ), saying it was a "Great read. A manifesto for the emerging digital future."

I checked out their site. They're using slashcode (the same code that runs slashdot) to run it. So they must be ok, right? : - |

It was an accident I found the place...I was just checking Yahoo to see if the Stoned Out Loud link submission had made it's way into it's categorical niche through their byzantine maze of silicate cybureaucracy. It hasn't. But this review came up. Great!

posted by gathering moss at 3:54 AM

wFriday, August 23, 2002

Analyse Your Privacy on the Web: GhostSurf and

Just how much information do they get on what I'm doing?

Good question.

One issue related to sharing our Music together in this great big room of the web is Individual Privacy. Those ad banners and hit counters, and even "invisible" single-dot images that don't even appear to the naked eye can tell advertisers and potential spammers and stalkers tons of private, personal data about You, where You go on the web, and where You have been.

Last night I started out looking for banner-ad rotation software (Yo! Advertisers! I'll give You some interesting stats in the next post, so stay tuned...You may want to advertise on Stoned Out Loud.).

My search took me far astray, first to a legal research site, then through several browser distributions, and finally I landed on GhostSurf (new window).

I downloaded it and am running it now. Wow! What an incredibly powerful tool! Here's a bit of the description from the GhostSurf site:

GhostSurf is designed to protect your personal information from ISPs, websites, other users of your computer, and malicious "spyware" software; in general, GhostSurf addresses each potential source of online privacy abuse.

GhostSurf tells You just how many packets have gone to a site, what cookies it sets, let's You decide whether or not to block in-page or pop-up ads (Note: Stoned Out Loud's commenting system depends on pop-ups being enabled. Disable pop-ups, and You will not be able to immediately Speak your Mind about an article in the main blogstream here -- this column.)

Using GhostSurf for a few minutes took me to, where my internet Privacy was analysed. Here is what it found when I did it through IE v.5.50.4134.0100:
The system attempted to place the following persistent cookies on your system. Reload to see if the cookies were accepted = Privacy Analysis
No Cookie from this site is on your system from prior visits.
You linked from here (if you linked from another web page):
(I typed it in directly as soon as I fired-up the browser, whose default page is "about:blank")

Your Browser Type and Operating System:
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)

All information sent by your web browser when requesting this web page:
Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, application/, application/msword, */* Accept-Language: en-us Host: User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90) Cache-Control: max-stale=0

Is JavaScript, VBScript, or JAVA enabled? Text will appear if these features are enabled. The JAVA window may not appear until the page finishes loading.

JavaScript is enabled and working.

Cookie via JavaScript: Privacy.net_JavaScript =
(I had GhostSurf set to refuse cookies. It worked.)

CPU type: x86
Screen Width: 800
Screen Height: 600
Screen Available Width: 800
Screen Available Height: 600
Screen Color Depth: 24

You have vistited this many web pages this session in this window: 0
The date/time on your computer and time zone is: Fri Aug 23 07:40:20 PDT 2002
Time/date in your locale format: Friday, August 23, 2002 7:40:20 AM

VBScript is enabled and working.

Your screen width is : 800 pixels
Your screen height is : 600 pixels
Your viewable Width is : 783 pixels
Your viewable Height is : 478 pixels

javaVersion = 1.1.4
javaVendor = Microsoft Corp.
javaVendorUrl =
javaClassVersion = 45.3
osName = Windows 98
(actually, this box is ME - a cosmetic facelift grafted onto 95, after 98 was same)
osArchitecture = x86
osVersion = 4.90

redMask = 255
greenMask = 65280
blueMask = 16711680
Screen: width x height = 800 x 600
Screen: Bits per pixel = 24 ("16777216 colors")

#bits red = 8 (7 .. 0)
#bits green = 8 (15 .. 8)
#bits blue = 8 ( 23 .. 16)

Applet Panel getBackground() = java.awt.Color[r=192,g=192,b=192]
Applet Panel width x height = 500 x 400

freeMemory() = 72936
totalMemory() = 388240

ShockWave Flash Plug-in - ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash is installed
ShockWave Director Plug-in - SWCtl.SWCtl.1 is installed
ShockWave ActiveX Control Plug-in - SWCtl.SWCtl.7 is installed
Active Shockwave Plug-in - Macromedia.ActiveShockwave.1 is installed
Real Player Plug-in - rmocx.RealPlayer G2 Control is installed
Media Player - MediaPlayer.MediaPlayer.1 is not installed
Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-in - PDF.PdfCtrl.1 is installed
MS Agent 1.5 - <...i left this out...>
MS Agent 2.0 - <...i left this out, too :-| >
MS DirectAnimation Control - DirectAnimation.DirectAnimationIntegratedMediaControl.1 is installed


(aside -- isn't it sort of interesting that Microsoft's browser feels it necessary to identify itself as Mozilla...Netscape's browser whose source code is available to everyone, and to which anybody can contribute code enhancements?)

Isn't it amazing how much information You broadcast about when You go online?

Anonymous Remailers

Ever wish You could send an email anonymously? Say You work on a construction project (or building a nuclear submarine or power plant) and You find out they're falsifying weld x-rays so they can go ahead and get their licenses...and You would blow the whistle, but are just plain scared shitless of what would happen to You and Your Family because these guys are Big and Powerful and Mean and have been known to play really dirty (remember Karen Silkwood?)?

Well, has a page about anonymous remailers.

Here are the links on that page (I just used the ChazBrowza's ability to grab the links from a page all at once...hit control-J, and choose to copy - copy all - as text, html, or hotlist items...i chose copy all - html, and You are...):

Analyze Your Connection URL=

Anonymizer URL=

Anonymous remailer FAQ URL= URL=

Bake Your Own Internet Cookies Demo URL=

Banner Network/E-mail Tracking Demo URL=

Click HERE for products to reduce telemarketing calls Easy HangUp, Don't Annoy Me Kit, Telemarketer Stopper, Talking CallerID URL=

Driver's License Data URL=

Global Internet Liberty Campaign URL=

Internet Mail Network URL=

IP Address Privacy URL= URL= Stealth Address URL= URL=

Opt-Out: Banner Ad Network Cookies/ Junk Mail/Junk Calls URL=

P3P Information URL=

Potato URL=

Privacy Resources URL=

Privacy Software URL=

Privacy.netHome URL=

Private Idaho URL=

proxy list URL=

Remailer Liability URL=

Search Tools URL=

Secure/Encrypted E-mail URL=

SneakEmail URL=

Third Party Proxies URL=

Third Party Remailers URL=






Want a cookie? Click Here URL=

Ways You Are Traced When Using The Net URL=

So. There's a few anonymous remailers. I haven't checked the links, but there's probably at least one or two that will do what You want them to. Whistleblowers, take a deep breath, and...Good Luck!

A word about URLgrabbing

I know I posted Richard M. Stallman's page's URLs a couple of days ago (because I thought his links were phat.) And I just grabbed the links from the site, above. But I want to say something about the practice, here and now, just so there are no misunderstandings.

I do not condone just going out and hijacking other People's links, necessarily. If somebody has put a lot of sweat into assembling a nice resource, why not go to that resource and use it!!!?

"But I'm scared that site will disappear! It happens, y'know!" Yeah, I know, I know. So, make a backup copy of the page for Yourself, just in case. Or go the the links You want and bookmark'em...add them to Your favourites...hotlist. But don't just go around hijacking links. It's rude.

(...and I never claimed not to be a hypocrite ;-^) )

But, above here in this entry, I *did* want to demonstrate the ease of use and power that the ChazBrowza gives You.

BTW, Michal at Cornerhost wondered to me yesterday why my pages were starting to load so slowly. I think I know why now. It's those damn fat png files I used for the ChazBrowza Skins. If the download page loads slowly, that's why. You know what I have to do? I have to save them each as jpg's or gifs, optimise (reduce file size), then convert back to .png's (cause I like pngs.) I'm gonna do that now.

Enjoy the Privacy, Anonymous, Emailer links, Download ChazBrowza, Share Music and other good stuff, and let's reform the music industry (and other ones) so we don't keep getting screwed out of our work!

posted by gathering moss at 8:49 AM

wThursday, August 22, 2002

Free Email and Browser - Linux and Windows versions of ChazBrowza now available

ChazBrowza Downloads now Available:

Windows - ChazBrowzaWin32605.exe is v0.01 - no skins included, English only

Download: 3602180 Aug 21 08:08 ChazBrowzaWin32605.exe

Windows - ChazBrowzaWin_v0.02_en_32671.exe - actually includes about 3 mb of skins, and support for English, German, French, and TagologAs You can see, it's a little over 6mb.

Download: 6225473 Aug 21 10:52 ChazBrowzaWin_v0.02_en_32671.exe

Skins - is all of them. is some of them. ChazImg2 is the rest.

Download: 1005061 Aug 21 09:34

Download: 1328527 Aug 21 09:43

Download: 2695888 Aug 21 09:23

Linux - here is every version I could build at the moment. All are ChazBrowza v0.01 - no skins, English, German, and Chinese Language Support.

There's a static, vanilla version that should run on most distros, a couple in Debian packaging, a couple of zips, some rpm's and some bz2 archives. Be sure to carefully examine the QT part of the filename, as it should match up with the library versions in Your distribution/installation.

Email if You have any problems or suggestions,

and we'll get back to You as soon as we can.

Download: 3419643 Aug 21 11:28 opera-6.02-1-qt-2.3.0-shared32615.i386.rpm

Download: 3334414 Aug 21 12:42 opera-6.02-2-qt-2.2.4-shared32612.i386.rpm

Download: 3315503 Aug 21 12:21 opera-6.02-qt-2.2.4-shared32614.i386.tar.gz

Download: 3101339 Aug 21 11:09 opera-6.02-qt-2.2.4-shared32616.i386.tar.bz2

Download: 2366584 Aug 21 13:20 opera-6.02-qt-2.2.4-static32609.i386.tar.bz2

Download: 5188610 Aug 21 14:59 opera-6.02-qt-2.2.4-static32610.i386.tar.gz

Download: 5169586 Aug 21 14:28 opera-static_6.02-1-20010805-32607_i386.deb

Download: 3304126 Aug 21 13:58 opera_6.02-2-20010805-32611_i386.deb

Note that once installed, the ChazBrowza uses the Opera default skins. Just say "Alt-P" or Choose (menu) File | Preferences.
Once in Preferences, choose "Browser Look" on the left, then select (in the center) "Foreground Skin" - and You'll see all the cool custom skins I made. Use'em. It really spruces up my time on the web, I hope it will Yours, too.

My Time on this Box is Up, Now.

Gotta get off and let Delene (my housemate) check her email now...The Stones still haven't paid her. Mike "Mick" Decaro called her down there to Stamford the other day (I can't believe she actually went.) to help with some clerical/secretarial stuff,and (he said) to get paid some money for her efforts since March.

Guess what? He was going to pay her with the money he got from WAAF for procuring an interview with Keith Richards after the soundcheck before the Opening show at Fleet Center in Boston. But (this time the excuse was) when she got there, he had (get this)_ "lost my wallet." Suuurrre "Mick." And what about the website Delene designed and put up as a mock up for the commercial site You wanted? Where's the cash for Hosting? Where's the cash You promised to pay the contractor, My Friend Delene?

Whadda putz.

Anyway, enjoy the ChazBrowza.

posted by gathering moss at 9:50 PM

wWednesday, August 21, 2002

ChazBrowza! Stoned Out Loud offers a Free Browser with Email

Get the Free Stoned Out Loud Browser-Email: ChazBrowza!

Alert! Stoned Out Loud now has it's own Browser with Email, Chazbrowza ( a branded and customised version of Opera 6.05). Windows Users can get their FREE download from our Sister organisation, Download from . Linux versions should be online by late tonight or early tomorrow (Thursday) morning. - g.moss.

posted by gathering moss at 3:03 PM


Napster and the Death of the Music Industry - John Perry Barlow

Napster and the Death of the Music Industry - John Perry Barlow

I finally got to prepare this article last night for publication here, so after an absence of some months, it is now back on the web. Originally it appeared on (now on hiatus...but it'll re-emerge I would surmise, what with publisher Bruce Perens leaving HP for what the pundits have variously termed "politics" and "a more activist role" serving the cause of software Freedom). It was a pleasure getting this ready to go. Enjoy. Read it aloud.

Note: a non-Blogicised version is in our Articles section. Just click on the link above.

Napster and the Death of the Music Industry
"By" John Perry Barlow

I expect most of you are aware that the Recording Industry Association of America has been fighting a desperate struggle against technologies that would end its century-long enslavement and exploitation of musicians. One of these developments is something called, a system that indexes and makes available digital music files that are stored on the private hard disks of its subscribers.

About a month ago, the New York Times asked me to write an editorial about Napster and the general state of copyright in the world of music. I jumped at the chance and only after nine drafts and a lot of nocturnal hair-tearing did I realize how impossible it would be to both describe the situation in sufficient detail and comment on it in no more than 700 words. I eventually gave up, but I did write something that I would like to pass on to you, in the interest of stimulating your thoughts on the subject. (If it resonates, feel free to pass it further on.)

Of course, things have been moving very rapidly. In the time since I wrote this piece, something called Gnutella has emerged. Gnutella is a distributed indexing system for any kind of on-line content. The fact that it has no central server nor identifiable individual in charge means that it can't be shut down or sued.

Furthermore, I heard today of another development called Freenet. Freenet, the work of a 23 year old Irish copyright anarchist named Ian Clarke, is a system that makes it possible to exchange any copyrighted material anonymously. Freenet would also make the storage location(s) of the material impossible to locate, thus frustrating such efforts as Metallica's current crack-down on Napster subscribers who have stored their songs.

(You gotta love Metallica. There were a pain in the ass to their parents. Now they're going to be a pain in the ass to their kids.)

There's plenty of action in this zone, and since one of my current missions in life is to kill the music business and midwife the birth of the musician business and audience business, I'm keeping plenty busy.

In any event, here's what I had to say about it a month ago:


An Op-Ed Piece for the New York Times

By John Perry Barlow

Last fall, an obscure 19 year old student named Shawn Fanning quietly inflicted the wound that I believe will eventually kill the music business as we know it. He set up a Web site called

Of course, the recording industry, like other traditional publication media, was already suffering a likely terminal illness. Because of the Internet, almost any informational product can be infinitely reproduced and instantaneously distributed all over the planet without cost. This obsoletes the material containers previously necessary for information transport as well as most of the industries that manufactured them. The biggest remaining obstacle to this free flow of digital liquid is legal, not practical.

But so far this impediment - copyright law - has been sufficient to make most of the 20th Century's best musical creations and performances very hard to find online. Nearly all of this material has been commercially released and is therefore in the white-knuckled grip of the companies that recorded it. Commercial MP3 sites are too visible to risk legal assault by copyright patrols from the RIAA (or Recording Industry Association of America.), so they traffic mostly in recent or insignificant works.

But Fanning realized there is a lot more digitized music in Cyberspace than one might think. This is because millions of ordinary listeners have converted portions of their purchased music collections into the MP3 format and copied them onto their hard drives. He further realized that many of these personal hard disks are continuously connected to the Internet, generally because their owners, mostly students, hold accounts on academic networks.

Fanning also knew that people have an old and deep impulse to share music with one another, so, in essence, he designed an immense and growing virtual space,, where they could do so. Napster creates a vast community of folks who can play music directly from one another's PC's, rather as they might play one of their roommate's CD's on the stereo in their dorm room.

But of course, in this environment, what can be played can also be copied. When I reach through Napster to the hard disk of some kid in Ohio and grab his copy of, say, Cassidy by the Grateful Dead, I can also place it on my hard disk as I listen to it.

It is this characteristic of Napster that so haunts the RIAA . They believe that making this copy is as clear a case of theft as if I'd shop-lifted a CD from Walmart..

But what is being "stolen?" And from whom? Speaking as the fellow who co-wrote Cassidy, I don't believe that the kid in Ohio is injuring my economic interests by sharing it with others. Deadheads have been sharing our songs with each other for decades and it's done nothing but increase the demand for our work.

Of course, the RIAA takes a very different view and has lately been laboring by means, both legal and technical, to eliminate fair use, requiring payment to be made every time someone hears the music they claim to own. They regard Napster to be a global thief's bazaar.

But what can they do about it? Nothing, I'd say. Napster is legally safe from them because no copyrighted material is actually stored there. Nor is there any practical way to prosecute the burgeoning multitudes who have already made over 380, 000 musical pieces available there.

Appeals based on moral principles will avail them little. Cyberspace is and always has been a "gift economy" where sharing is considered a virtue, not a crime. The music industry is generally despised by both music-lovers and musicians, to whom they've been returning about five percent of the retail value of their works.

Further, most musicians agree with Public Enemy rapster Chuck D, who recently said that the recording industry's legal assertion that they own the music they distribute is as senseless as would be a claim by Federal Express that they should own the contents of the packages they ship.

Also, from an economic standpoint, many musicians have discovered, as the Grateful Dead did, that the best way to make money from music is to give it away. While scarcity may increase the value of physical goods, such as CD's, the opposite applies to information. In a dematerialized information economy, there is an equally strong relationship between familiarity and value. If your work is good, allowing what you've done to self-replicate freely increases demand for what you haven't done yet, whether by live performances or by charging online for the download of new work.

For these, and far more reasons than I can state here, I'm convinced that the traditional music business is finished. Napster and other environments like it will polish off the likes of BMG and Tower Records within five years.

Personally, I can't say I'll miss it. For over a century, it has exploited both musicians and audiences. By its proprietary practices and crass insistence on mass appeal, it has desertified the ecology of auditory epiphany, impoverished genius, fattened lawyers, turned plastic into gold, and offered gilded plastic in return.

Music expresses the soul of a society. It is perhaps the most singularly human activity of our peculiar species, since, unlike the rest of our major endeavors, it doesn't support our physical survival. But the 20th Century music business has transformed the deepest currents of our culture into mere currency.

To be fair, I will confess that it had its purposes and time. Without the record industry, I would never have heard The Rolling Stones, Stockhausen, Handel, Billy Holiday, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, Ravi Shankar, or Balinese Monkey Chants. Nor, more importantly, would they have been able to hear - and thus build upon - each other.

I also recognize that some percentage of those who work in it appear to be human beings. As a former cattle rancher, I feel a pang of compassion at their economic demise. But history is littered with such casualties. The people who worked in them found other jobs.

The graceful industries go down gently when they've outlived their utility, but doesn't appear that this one is going to. They appear prepared to bury with themselves an entire epoch of music under a thick crust of copyright law, leaving a century-sized hole in the history of music.

We can't allow this to happen. If it does, it will cause the still-birth of what is presently gestating on the musician business. (And even, with luck, something one might call the audience business.)

In Napster's enormous room, music will arise in spontaneous and global abundance in the space between creators and listeners so interactively that it will be hard to tell which is which. No longer will we mistake music for a noun, as its containers have tempted us to do for a century. We will realize once more that music is a verb, a relationship, a constantly evolving life form.

But you can't own verbs, nor relationships, nor divine gifts. Whatever the current legalities, I personally find defining "my" songs to be a form of property to be as philosophically audacious and as impractical as would be a claim that I own "my" daughters, another blessing that just happened to pass into the world through me..

As with my daughters, I want to exercise some control over what happens to the songs for which I was the mere conduit. I don't want them to be altered, abused, exploited, or used by others for their own commercial purposes. Developing the proper legal and ethical instruments to assure me that ability will be tricky. But more than control, I want my songs, like my daughters, to be free to roam the world and be loved by as many as can appreciate their occasional beauty.

Whatever models evolve to protect the creation of music, I am not concerned that we will fail to economically support its makers after we quit calling it property. For some reason, humans absolutely require music, and they were providing for the material needs of musicians for tens of thousands of years before copyright law, just as they will do so for tens of thousands of years after this brief and anomalous period has been forgotten..

John Perry Barlow, Cognitive Dissident
Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Berkman Fellow, Harvard Law School

posted by gathering moss at 2:11 PM

wTuesday, August 20, 2002

RMS has some tasty links

Richard M. Stallman (RMS) has one hell of a set of links on his page.

RMS is the Founder of the Free Software Foundation, the Gnu Project (without which we would not have the Gnu Public License (GPL) or Linux), and the George Washington of Open, Transparent Code, and I hold him in the highest regard. If it were not for his doing a lot of the unglamourous coding and grunt work that goes along with building a software infrastructure, we would not have the excellent Free software we have today.

I wandered on over to his page today, and all the worthy causes he is involved with just blew me away! My God! If only I could be HALF that effective.

Here are the links I found there:

"restorative" approach URL=

(jpeg 2k) URL=

(jpeg 64k) URL=

1984-style total surveillance URL=

1984-style total surveillance URL=

2000 URL=

2001 URL=

2002 URL=

35 years ago URL=

3762K JPEG file URL=

50 officers in full riot gear broke up a free dance party URL=

50k jpeg URL=

5815K TIFF file URL=

5820K Encapsulated Postscript file URL=

85small publishers are being robbed by American National Bank URL=

91kjpeg URL=

A funny song about the Mickey Mouse Copyright Act URL=

accused URL=,4273,4380933,00.html


adebate URL=

admits that he planted a supposed molotov cocktail URL=

admitted URL=

agreed to accept URL=

agreed to hold elections URL=

almost a million URL=

An activist's article about this harrassment URL=

An Idea Whose Time Has Come URL=

anexcuse to suppress unsightly protests, unions and poor citizens URL=

announced plans URL=

Another Palestinian protest organizer was arrested in Chicago on thesame day. URL=

antidemocratic suppression of publicprotest URL=

Archive URL=

archives URL=

arrested on tryingto return to Palestine URL=

Arrogantpublishers continue to try to intimidate web sites that make links tointernal pages. URL=

article URL=

Article by Peter Erlinder, Professor of Constitutional Criminal Lawand past President of the National Lawyers Guild URL=

article by Robert Fisk URL=

article in Business Week URL=

article published by the Palestinian Authority URL=

attacked by police URL=

attacked,arrested, and savaged people arbitrarily URL=

beating up a black youth URL=

become dangerously vulnerable URL=

being appealed URL=

being sued for over a billion dollars URL=

bigger changes will come URL=

bitter-toned article URL=

blockedfrom voting URL=,6903,409137,00.html

blocking loggers from cutting down their forest URL=

blockingBush plans to pack US courts with antiabortion campaigners. URL=

both URL=

brain scan experiment URL=,1286,53945,00.html

bring about a regime change URL=

Bush is at his old tricks URL=

calls are being routed to a television show URL=

came in second URL=

campaign todemand that Peltier should be considered for parole URL=

carryingout military missions around the world -- for profit. URL=

claim the patents on all the ideas they have URL=

close friend of theBush family URL=

cloud of human-caused pollution hangs URL=

COBAS Confederation URL=

company had been pumping the oil out of their land URL=,11319,759652,00.html

computerizedvoting machines which do not make any paper recording of ballots URL=

connections URL=

consistent pattern URL=

continues to hold URL=

Curiosities URL=

cut off international food and medical aid URL=

dealt a serious blow URL=

decided URL=

declare his election void URL=

Defending Our Freedom URL=

Democrats are "second-guessing" his actions before and on September11 URL=

denounced theEuropean Patent Office URL=

detailing humanrights violations in the US URL=

details on the Bari/Cheney trial verdict URL=

Digital Millenium CopyrightAct URL=

discovered URL=

disturbing web page URL=

don't seem to understand what democracy means URL=

dropped a bomb URL=

East Timor URL=

encouraging doctors and medical students toreject hand-outs from drug companies URL= URL=

Esso is suingGreenpeace in France URL=

established recently to prosecute war crimes URL=

European governments have changed EU privacy laws URL=

evidence URL=

executed by firing squad URL=

explains URL=

faced harrassment, and his degree was cancelled URL=

faces criminal charges in Zimbabwe URL=,3604,737984,00.html

FAIR - The Media Watch Group URL=

FightingWhities URL=,1299,DRMN_21_1026337,00.html

filed a lawsuit URL=

filed suit URL=

find out how yourrepresentative voted URL=

forcibly move them to Gaza URL=

Four Swedish policemen are being prosecuted URL=

framed URL=

fraudulent accounting is hurting even business URL=

free URL=

Free Burma Coalition URL=

free software URL=

funny poetry and song parodies URL=

gained popularity after US threats and insults URL=

gave a speech URL=

Genoa notes URL=

giving Singaporeans an opportunityto express political dissent. URL=

Global warming is causing grave problems in the US URL=

GNU Compiler Collection URL=

GNU philosophy directory URL=

GNU Project URL=

GNU symbolicdebugger (GDB) URL=

GNU/Linux systems URL=


go too far URL=

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors URL=

has been arrested forsome of these murders URL=

has suspended executions URL=

have been imprisoned for many years URL=

havegone to court asking for an injunction URL=

He thought that the generals of his Venezuelawould be loyal to Venezuela instead of Washington. URL=

Heresiesin Pursuit of Peace: Thoughts on Israel/Palestine URL=

highincidence of severe birth defects in Iraq URL=

holding Jenin hospital under siege. URL=

holding two Americans and one Britoncaptive URL=

how much must they be cheating URL=

http:// URL= URL= URL= URL= URL=

Human Rights in the US, and inChina URL=

Humor URL=

Humorous bio URL= bio

hunger strike URL=[July%2026,%202002]%3Cp%3EPeople%20in%20India%20and%20the%20US%20are%20on%20%3CA%20HREF=

I became a victim of the War on Drugs URL=

ideas on liberty and patriotism URL=

information resource URL=

Initially the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories weremade by expansionists who were eager to create "facts on the ground"in support of annexation, and there are still some of those. But theywere expanded by Israeli governments who made them available cheap toimmigrants (from Russia, etc.) in order to fill them. Since thesesettlements are an obstacle to a peaceful solution, it is good newsthat so many are willing to leave. All it will take is the money tobuild them other places to live--and the US can certainly afford thecost. URL=

InOctober 2000 the Pentagon held a drill to plan how to handle such a crash URL=

intellectual property URL=

International Federation ofIranian Refugees URL=

interview URL=

investigated officiallyfor faking evidence URL=,3604,741771,00.html

is about to be sued URL=

Israel killed a Hamas leader URL=

it did URL=

jokes URL=

just drug them so they won'tcare URL=

keeping journalists out of the occupied territories URL=

kidnapping people in Pakistanand taking them to Afghanistan URL=

killing many Afghan civilians to save one US soldier URL=

Labor party is accusedof taking money from businesses in exchange for favors. URL=

Land of the Brave and the Free URL=

Land of the Brave and the Free URL=

latest example URL=

level with us URL=

Links URL=

Listen To the Nonviolent Poor URL=

make it any better URL=

Marwan Barghouti on trial URL=

means for libraries URL=

militarycourts URL=

millions could be deprived of civilliberties URL=

my visit to China URL=

national identity cards URL=

Nevadansfor Responsible Law Enforcement URL=

new accoustic cannon URL=

new atlas URL=

new laws URL=

non-free software is affecting carmechanics and their customers URL=

not be very effective URL=

notcensoring URL=

Now Germany has passed such a law URL=

omits certaindocumented murders URL=

On Hacking URL=

on-linepetition URL=

oppose "fasttrack" URL=

ordered the rape of a woman URL=

passed a law extending them URL=

passing off police quarters as the prison URL=

petition for justicefor the protestors and police of Gothenburg, Sweden. URL=

photos available from mytrip to Slovenia. URL=

placeasylum seekers under a form of semi-house-arrest URL=

plan to attack Cuba URL=

plan to send assassination squads URL=

planning to offer URL=

planning tosilence URL=

please signthe open letter against data retention in Europe URL=

please tell me by email

police beat up an Indymedia reporter URL=

police blocked them URL=

Police State Minus One Day AndCounting URL=

police there have killed two protestors while injuring manyothers URL=

Political articles URL=

Political fencing URL=

Political notes URL=

Porto Alegre URL=

Preciselyhow the Bush team stole the Florida election URL=

prevented a process server URL=

promoteresponsible sex education programs URL=

proposed a wide range of measures URL=

proposed Haguetreaty URL=

proposed HagueTreaty URL=

proposes URL=

proposes to force people to take drugs URL=

prove him wrong URL=

Public Citizen URL=

pushcopyright aside URL=

pushing a draconian law URL=

put a microchip into every book torecord who owns it URL=

rampage in Strasbourg URL=

read moreand then contact the CAA. URL=

recently sentenced to 6 months in prison URL=

rejected URL=

removefrom Italian public television certain programs that Berlusconialleges are biased. URL=

Reporterswho criticize Israel's occupation policies are receiving irrationalhate mail URL=

reports URL=

reports on the supporters and the opponents URL=

Repression hits Cambridge Mass URL=

residents and even officials cannot bring themselves to believe howit works URL=

results from burning fossil fuels in the North URL=

Rio de Janeiro URL=

RIP act URL=

ruled that the death penalty cannot be imposed bya judge URL=

ruled that the government must publish the namesof the hundreds of people detained URL=

Saint IGNUcius URL=

saluting the flag URL=

same circumstances URL=

say no URL=

Sayings URL=

School of the Americas URL=

School of theAmericas URL=

searching library records URL=

seems to be getting touchy URL=

send a free fax URL=

sentenced to 6 months imprisonment URL=

Serious bio URL=

shoot even at the kites URL=

shut down several private web sites URL=

Sign the petition URL=

sign the petition URL=

smoking tobacco is even more dangerous than was formerly believed URL=

snuck out along with them URL=

Someone to watch over me URL=

sort of truce URL=

special center for spying on internettraffic URL=

Stallman Does Dallas URL=

start probing URL=

starvation rations. URL=

stirring up enmity URL=

StopEsso web site URL=

stopped arresting anyone URL=

stopped Food Not Bombsfrom handing out food URL=

Stopping terrorists beforethey start URL=

study at Emory University URL=

study how to removepenalties for medical use URL=

sued URL=

sued Greenpeace in France URL=,%20on%20the%20grounds%20thatit%20is%20pro-Palestinian.%20%20(In%20my%20experience%20it%20is%20mainly%20biased%20in%20favorof%20business.)%3Cp%3E%3Cli%3E[August%204,%202002]%3Cp%3EThe%20oil%20company%20Esso%20%3CA%20HREF=

support the demandfor an investigation URL=

Texas city raise taxes in order to subsidize the Texas Rangers ball park URL=

Thanks URL=

the balls are made by child labor URL=

The Injustice of MilitaryCourts URL=

the reaction of Israel's foreign minister to Dubya's speech URL=

The report says URL=

their own page URL=

This letter to the editor URL=

this time they will kill him URL=

Thousands of penguins are dyingof starvation URL=

threatened with extinction URL=

too much shareholder control URL=

Travel experiences URL=

treaty should not require laws like the DMCA URL=

tripto greece URL=

trying to exclude URL=

trying to ignore the problem of global warming URL=

trying to impose restrictions URL=

trying to proceed URL=

trying to sabotage URL=

trying to weaken a planned amendment URL=

two former generals from El Salvador responsible for massacres andtorture committed under their command URL=

two great scandals URL=

UK is reviewing URL=






usewave power for all its energy URL=

using humanitarian aid to sneak URL=

Various countries have various laws URL=,7369,739026,00.html

Veniceis threatened with submergence due to rising sea levels. URL=

violatingagreements with the United Nations and the East Timorese governmentand rejecting East Timor's independence. URL=

Waiting for the Knock URL=

wearing my "power tie" URL=

When police say "No witnesses", URL=

Who watches the watchmen? URL=

wouldmake it a crime to accompany a teen- age girl to another state to getan abortion. URL=

write a letter to thegovernment of Pakistan. URL=

writes URL= URL= URL=

Zafran Bi Bi has beenfreed after a campaign that delivered 3000 protest emails to PresidentMusharraf URL=

[Previous Cartoons] URL=

Thanks, Richard. We owe You big time.

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wMonday, August 19, 2002

Oscillation - vs

Where are we this publication cycle?

I don't know. Used to be, before I upgraded, I could publish reliably to

One Place
, and that place was aich-tee-tee-pee-colon-slash-slash-stoned-dash-out-dot-blogspot-dot-com. (

Then when I upgraded, the bloggerPro software suddenly began insisting that someone else was there. So I picked / chose to publish to aich-tee-tee-pee-colon-slash-slash-stoned-dash-out-dash-loud-dot-blogspot-dot-com. (

Reluctantly, the BloggerPro software let me do this, but only if I used the interface to eff-tee-pee (FTP) it there and fail because I didn't know the right etiquette, i.e. probably some combo of path and servername and blogid and username that I never could get right.

Then, after it would fail, it would revert back to publishing me where I wanted to in the first place - even though somebody else had that Blog!!!


So I would then try to reset to publish where I just had -, whereupon it thereupon informed the that somebody else had that spot!!!

Yeah. It was me. 2 minutes before.

Bah! Computers. Networks. Software. Buncha upstart collection of electrons and sand.

Be sure and look for Stoned Out Loud at . It'll probably usually always be there.

ah. here's a good one. Internet Explorer just delivered to me while cheerfully acknowledging in the title bar "Cannot find server". And Look! Lot's and Lots of archives, not belonging to me!

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Stoned Out Loud Updates Look, Useability

No doubt You may notice a few changes to Stoned Out Loud. If this is Your first time here (and that's more likely than not, the way we've been growing :-) ), here's a quick synopsis of the changes made over the weekend.

- Now I have a template for articles.The first article published using this template is J.P.Barlow's "Slouching Towards Hollywood." It is now linked to it in several places:

..........From the eBlogazine post itself, where it originally appeared;

..........From the "Articles of Note" box;

..........From the URL just beneath the Title;:

..........And, of course, the Blogger software creates a link out of the time the item was posted, at the bottom of the entry.

- A Title field has been added to the entries here. It won't necessarily be above all of them, but now it is available to use, if we want to.

- A URL field is available for use by RSS feeds, in case someone wants to grab Stoned Out Loud articles for a newsfeed on their site. If You want'em, You got'em. We have been developing our e-Blogazine format here on the blogspot site, so site changes, and often new articles, get published here first.

On this site, the RSS file, generated each time Stoned Out Loud is published, can be found in If You want the bleeding edge, that's where to fetch it.

The RSS file will be in the same relative location on the other sites, too. For Tripod, it will be


- and for our commercially Hosted site at, the RSS file is at


Sometimes (depending I suppose on where You are), the "www" is optional.

- Several news feeds from have been added, as buttons in the left column. They pop-up windows with a newsfeed that refreshes itself about every 3 or 4 minutes with the latest news on the web in that category. Categories now on Stoned Out Loud include Music News, Freedom of Information, and Media Ownership. I have more, just have not had time yet to incorporate them. Also, I've made some custom buttons for them, also, same story, no time to install them em yet. I'll get to it.

- A custom site search has been added. It will search either this site and affiliated sites I have told it about, or the web. I was pretty impressed with it when I tried it. I hope it will help You find what You are seeking here. It needs to be told every few days to re-spider and re-index Stoned Out Loud as it grows, but I think I can set it up so it does it automatically. I'll look into it.

- Stoned Out Loud publishing has been upgraded to BloggerPro.This offers more functionality, and is overall a great improvement and of great utility-- but it has had a few kinks. If You see archives that belong to some swamp Yankee blues guitarist, that's a side effect of this upgrade. They should go away the next time I regenerate and republish the archives, a few minutes from now. But the upgrade did throw my publishing schedule back a few days. Even so, now we're pretty much back on track.

- There will be new content within 24 hours, according to my plans at the moment. I would like to add something new (in terms of content) every day, and I don't want the place to get too busy and distracting with counters and bells and whistles. But still I have a lot of resources I haven't added yet...more newsfeeds, search engines. I guess I'll have to branch out to a few other special purpose pages. Tell me what You think. comment on this post, at the bottom. (thanks)!

One thin Stoned Out Loud is, is a resource and forum for Artists to talk about how to fix the deflicted Music Industry (and the Law) so it doesn't continue to screw People out of a Living (like Mike Decaro and the Rolling Stones have done/are doing with my Friend Delene). It should be a place where You can come to kick back, catch up on the news, and participate in this ongoing embryonic thing as we figure out how we are going to preserve our First Amendment Freedoms while managing to respect Intellectual Property Rights. That's one of the reason's for Stoned Out Loud.

- Other updates this weekend:

- The Rolling Stones Tour newsfeed has been on and off with the edits to the site I have been making. I think it's fixed now. If it's broken, check the JPB article in the articles section...That one I know is working.

-the commenting system was offline temporarily this morning. It's back now (last I checked).

You might have noticed an "image hosted by tripod" image instead of Enetation's or Stoned Out Loud's logos. That was because I stupidly (I knew better, but was careless with my code editing) made references to images stored on the tripod version of SOL and Tripod has their webservers set so the swap their image for any image requested by a domain outside of their realm. If it isn't being served to a Tripod-hosted page, it won't be served. (Tripod, like Yahoo, doesn't like to serve images to web pages outside their corporate web of affiliation. Hardly in keeping with the tradition of the creation of the internet and hypertext/html , but whaddaygonnado? Capitalism/BottomLineIsm. ah, well...). So anyway...: All references to images served by tripod have been eliminated (I think :-| ) .

Well that about wraps it up. It's been a busy weekend for me. Oh, before I forget: the blogspot address for Stoned Out Loud has changed, as a side effect of the upgrade process. It was, but now, it is (more consistently) .

Tell Your Friends!

Come back again and again. (I checked the stats today, and You have been!) Or, if You are just mulling over an idea for one, email me with a suggestion and I'll help You develop it. Like I've said before, there needs to be other voices than my own here, rants other than my own, too. As well as <@ (a bit of line noise...Claude Shannon and Benoit Mandlebrot would have liked fact Mandlebrot showed that it was present in no matter how small an interval one chose!) ahem As well as a few well-chosen voices of is the creative tension that drives debate forward, sometimes, although in the current war the RIAA/MPAA is waging against the First Amendment, I have serious doubts any of that tribe will be convinced...Too often greed trumps rational disputation.

I hope You enjoy the changes, and look forward to any site suggestions You might care to offer. Thanks in Advance.

........Dave Manchester
........Stoned Out Loud

"when innovation is outlawed, only outlaws will innovate. then will
arise the day of secret sharing, and invention and community will be
furtive and not talked about openly. That would be tragic." --dcm

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